The green picturesque meadows of the Balkan mountain range form a solid basis for agriculture and milk processing, which has been a century-old Bulgarian tradition and main occupation of the local population.

The pastures self-maintain almost entirely and allow for enough space for the animals, as well as for their most suitable feed which is 100% GMO-free. This is the home of a vast range of herbs, flowers and local plants which all together define the rich and authentic taste of our organic products. Traditional agriculture at the highest level is a necessary precondition for the uncompromising quality of our end products.


Organically certified farmers treat their sheep, goats and cows in a highly humane manner and with respect for the entire environment and ecosystem. In the vast pastures the animals move freely and without stress. They can thus socialize and enjoy a healthy life style. Furthermore, animals in organically certified farms feed from fresh grasslands, except during the winter, when their food is prepared in advance in-house, in their respective farms, without chemical or pesticide additives.

some Facts


We export more than 90% of our finished products to international customers with deep local market expertise.

European markets

We are currently present on the European markets in Germany, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, etc. 

Partners worldwide

We partner and continuously expand our presence on new markets on 4 continetns and more than 20 countries, including the US, Great Britain, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Bulgarian market

The production output designated for the Bulgarian market has increased steadily, with the main focus put on organic cheese, under our own organic brand MMELLOW.