Kondov Ecoproduction was established with the idea of being a small family enterprise. Having focused on high quality products since its beginnings, the company obtained a leading role in dairy processing in Northern Bulgaria. Currently Kondov Ecoproduction is one of the leaders of organic food production in Bulgaria.
Our success since 1991 is based on incessant effors targeted at improvement and reliance on key values:

Harmony: Our processes are in harmony with the nature and support the social environment;
- Traditions: The centuries-old traditions in Bulgarian farming and milk processing, as well as the benign climate, represent a solid base for our development;
- Technologies: Premium quality food processing requires discipline and continuous practical and technological advancement.

Why “Eco”-production?

Our company’s name refers to the clean environment surrounding our factory and suppliers‘ farms. Our brand has existed for decades before the terms “organic”, “bio” or “eco” became widely popular.


Why mainly products from goat’s and sheep’s milk?

We focus on traditional Bulgarian and European types of cheese with high added value. Sheep’s and goats’ milk have proven nutritional benefits and аre favored substitutes for cow‘s milk products, suitable for the lactose-intolerant consumer.


Where can you find our products?

We sell a large proportion of our products to international distributors. Our direct presence in Bulgaria grows continuously through our organic range. 

some Facts


We export more than 90% of our finished products to international distributors.

European markets

We are currently present on the European markets in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Greece, Belgium, Austria and the UK. 

Partners worldwide

We have been exporting to the US since 1993. Outside of the EU, we have also partners in Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait and other countries

Bulgarian market

The production output designated for the Bulgarian market has increased steadily, with the main focus put on organic cheese.