ORGANIC MILK = TRUE MILK gifts from Mother nature – The basis for 100% quality.

About Us

Kondov Ecoproduction Ltd. is a family-owned enterprise from Bulgaria founded in 1991. Our main facility is located in a picturesque and ecologically preserved zone in the Balkan mountain in Central Bulgaria.

We produce and offer on the international markets a wide range of milk products, basing ourselves on the best practices and centuries-old traditions in cheese-making in Bulgaria. We successfully implement the experience of our partners too - for decades we have been developing modern production lines of soft, semi-hard and hard cheese of the types of Gouda, Curd/Cream Cheese, etc.
All materials that we use are subject to strict daily controls that maintain the traditional recipes of our products and ensure their best quality.
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Our business is the production and placement of premium quality traditional Bulgarian and European milk products that are prized in salads, eaten in various snacks, or added to Mediterranean-style dishes. Our products include:
   -   Brined white cheese from sheep milk, from goat milk and from cow milk
   -   Semi-hard yellow Kashkaval cheese from sheep milk and from cow milk
   -   Semi-hard butter cheese and Gouda from goat milk and from sheep milk
   -   Fresh cream cheese from goat milk, from sheep milk and from cow milk (in industrial and retail packaging): plain or with garlic, herbs or oregano
   -   Fresh spreadable cheese from goat milk, from sheep milk and from cow milk: plain or with garlic, herbs or oregano
   -   Goat milk butter
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some Facts


We export more than 90% of our finished products to international customers with deep local market expertise.

European markets

We are currently present on the European markets in Germany, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, etc. 

Partners worldwide

We partner and continuously expand our presence on new markets on 4 continetns and more than 20 countries, including the US, Great Britain, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Bulgarian market

The production output designated for the Bulgarian market has increased steadily, with the main focus put on organic cheese, under our own organic brand MMELLOW.


ISO 22000

Lloyd`s Register LRQA

Certificate of approval according IFS food version 7


Certified according to Аrticle 35(1) of Regulation (EU) 2018/848
Certified according to USDA / NOP
BG–BIO-07, EU Agriculture

CU 801978


Certified according to EC regulation No 889/2008 and EC Regulation No 834/2007 USDA Halal